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The 7D Personal Branding

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The 7D Personal Branding


20500 - $44 ₦50000

These are what you’ll be learning in the 7D Personal Branding Course


1. Personal Branding 101: What personal branding is and what it is not. 


2. The benefits of a Strong Personal Brand


3. The 7D Approach to Branding.


4. The DNA;  The Idea of YOU





5. The DNA; The Idea of Function





6. Qualities of the 7D brand


7. Playing the Long Game


8. Understanding what Perception is and how it works. 


9. Getting Started with your 7D brand


10. Understanding key terminologies of branding


11. Picking the right Symbols and Logos for your brand


12. Setting up the Personality and Originality of your brand


13. Your Unfair Advantage: Tone and Voice


14. Understanding Perpetuation and Social Media


15. Scaling up and Monetization


16. The Power Of Compounding Consistency


17. How to Leverage People and Numbers


18. How to Sell (Products/Services/MicroProducts)


19. Understanding Self Reinvention (When Needed)


ABDULAKEEM OJO: Nice 01-05-2022

Godwin Adeoye: Incredible 09-05-2022

Sarah Ozoigbo: Nice 24-05-2022

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